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Western Colorado’s Premier Roofing System Provider Located in Montrose, Colorado.  We work any type of roof from small residential, to large buildings.  Mountain West Roofing offers you a choice of some of the most durable roofing systems in the world coupled with the benefits of working with a family owned and operated business.

Puma XL Roof Coating

PUMA XL is the latest product in the Conklin family of advanced-technology, premium roof coatings.  Itcombines the best performance of urethane and acrylic polymers to create a seamless membrane with excellent adhesion to many different substrates. It carries an unprecedented 18-year warranty!

Metal Restoration

Don’t replace your roof, restore it! A complete waterproofing system for metal roofs. Our system is a complete waterproofing system for metal roofs. It stops leaks, inhibits rust, and provides and energy-efficient, long-lasting, attractive finish coat which will extend the life of your roof for years and SAVE YOU MONEY!

Single Ply Membrane

Single-Ply Membrane Roofing Systems are highly resistant to a broad range of chemicals, helping to extend the life of the roof, and offer outstanding reflectivity and energy-efficiency that delivers great benefits for years to come.

Polyurethane Foam

Our Spray Polyurethane Foam System System is a great way to provide high-grade insulation on both roofing and interior wall application for top-down protection from the elements. An SPF application effectively controls air filtration, adds building strength and reduces cooling and heating costs.

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Here at Mountain West Roofing we’re always looking for ways to improve and grow. Thanks to our provider, the Conklin company, that has been been made very easy for us. Using top of the line, energy star rated roofing products, we can guarantee quality and long lasting roofs to all our customers. We specialize in restoring and repairing flat low slope commercial roofs. You can read more about us on our website here. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this and we hope to hear from you soon.